Trexo Slider: Ultra Compact Camera Slider Portable beltless slider

Turkish manufacturer Trexo is currently finalizing its Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new type of motorized slider that it claims is the most compact in the world, yet capable of moving a full-frame digital camera.

Trexo Background

Back in October 2020, we were the first website to test the Trexo wheels. A robotic dolly system developed by Trexo as its first Kickstarter campaign.

That original device was designed with smaller cameras and smartphones in mind (our unit had some trouble moving full-size full-frame cameras which is also why we never followed up on our original hands-on with a full review), however, it had some interesting ideas integrated into the app and the company certainly proved that it is capable of delivering a complex motorized unit.

The compact Trexo Slider


Trexo Slider

Jumping forward to today, Trexo recently launched its second campaign, this time with a small portable motorized slider.

This new unit which has a 20cm or 8” travel distance (33cm/13″ total length) can move up to 3cm per second or as slow as 0.001mm/s time-lapses and other time-sensitive work. According to Trexo, the new slider can carry up to 5kg/11lbs horizontally and up to 1.5kg when moving vertically. All of this is done using a special leadscrew design which completely eliminates the belt and gearbox that most sliders have.

This new mechanism is supposed to add smoother movement and silent operation as well as help with power consumption.

The slider has a built-in battery that lasts up to 6 hours and you can charge or power the unit using USB-C if you need a longer run time.

The Trexo slider has a small OLED screen and several buttons and you can fully operate it without an app although you can certainly use the up to program the slider. It has several 1/4″ 20 screw threads on the bottom and another one on the side for vertical setups.

The unit can work with cameras and phones as well including a small handle and phone clamp. Trexo is also working on some future pan-tilt heads that will be able to work with the slider to create more complex movements.

The Trexo slider with the future pan-tilt heads


Price and availability

When it comes to pricing – the slider will be available for $380 (30% of the official price after the Kickstarter campaign ends).

As always remember that crowdfunding is always a risk so do your own research before supporting any project.

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