Offload – The Software That Will Give Your Images a Peace of Mind

Software company REDGIANT (creator of the popular sound sync software PluralEyes) recently introduced Offload – a simple software intended to make sure the images from your memory card arrive safely to your computer and are backed up with one click.

If you ever experienced a failure during image transfer from your memory card to your computer you know what we are talking about. this is a critical failure point that can really put a damper in your day (especially if the images you are trying to transfer are irreplaceable like a trip or a wedding).

Offload was developed to make sure that each image you transfer from your memory card to your computer is exactly the same as the one the exist on your memory card using its own proprietary  checksum-verified copy technology (originally introduced in a more comprehensive software by REDGIANT called BulletProof).

The second action Offload is taking is backing up your images to a selected destination of your choosing (you can choose your dropbox folder for example and have the images backed up to the cloud or simply use a secondary internal or external drive).

Offload interface – slick and simple to use


We tested Offload (it has a 30 day free trial) and besides a somewhat long installation process it seemed to work as advertised – simple, quick and with a pretty slick interface.

The only real drawback that we see might be the price. Offload is offered for $50 – this might be a bit too much for many average users, however for professional photographers who get paid for their work – this could literally be a time saver and if REDGIANT claims are to be believed a life saver as well.

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