Sunwayfoto HB-02 Mini Hot Shoe Head Review

Today we are taking a look at the most compact monitor mounting accessory that we have come across so far – the Sunwayfoto HB-02.

This unit is part our extensive review series on monitor arms and mounting units which so far included a look at offerings from Manfrotto, Lanparte, Shape and Xtender and we are now happy to include the newly released Sunwayfoto unit.

The HB-02 is super small at only 40mm tall (26mm wide) with a weight of 36 grams. It is made of metal and has a cold shoe connector on the bottom but unlike the Shape 2 Axis Push Button Magic Arm which we have tested it also comes with a 1/4″ 20 thread in the bottom so you have the choice of connecting this unit to either a cold shoe on top of your camera or to any 1/4″ 20 you might have – on a cage or anywhere else – very useful.

The tiny Sunwayfoto HB-02

The HB-02 allows you to control both the pan and the tilt by simply turning or tilting the unit. One thing which is important to know is that in order to change the friction of either the tilt or turn or to lock each of them you need to use the included Allen key so this isn’t a tool-free unit like the Shape arm that we tested.

Although we would consider this a monitor mounting unit first – it can be used to connect and adjust any 1/4″ 20 gear that you might have including smartphone holders, mics, compact lights and more.

As for pricing and availability – so far we could only locate this unit on aliexpress (we really hope that it will pop on Amazon and B&H soon as well) but the pricing for this unit is just fantastic at under $25.

For what is literally a fraction of the price of any other mounting unit that we have tested so far with similar capability – this thing is just a steal and as long as you can live with the use of a small Allen key here and there we would highly suggest that you get one.

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