Prolycht Announce the Improved Orion 300 FS RGBCAL COB Light Extreme color consistency using six color LEDs

Santa Clara-based lighting manufacturer Prolycht recently introduced a new and improved version of its unique  Orion 300 light which is the first COB light in its price range to include a “light engine” based around six colors for extreme color consistency.

We covered the original Orion 300 back in January when it was announced and this new and improved FS (or Full Spectrum) unit keeps much of the original specs with some important improvements to the design and functionality.

Orion 300 FS RGBCAL technology

Just like the original version the FS uses a special COB with Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, and Lime LEDs to produce white light (a technology called RGBCAL) which is similar to much larger (and much more expensive) ARRI Orbiter light.

The Orion is a 320W Bowens LED COB which has a 2000-20,000K color temperature range (with green-magenta adjustment). It can be powered using dual V-mount batteries (14.8V) connected to its control unit (the Orion has a control unit and head the first weighs in at 3.2kg and the second is 3.5kg).

With its reflector, it produces a 55-degree beam and over 30,000lux at 1m away (5600K). If you connect the optional Fresnel in spot mode (15 degrees) it can reach up to 120,000 Lux at 1m (5600K).

The light has an Ra of 96 and TLCI of 98 (although Curtis Judd who had access to a pre-production model of the FS had some very interesting points regarding the measured color accuracy of this light which is worth watching).

The newly released Orion FS lamp head

The newly released Orion FS lamp head

Orion 300 FS Main Improvements

We had a brief talk with Prolycht and asked them what had changed with this new version compared to the original Orion 300.

All the changes that you will see below come from feedback received from DPs, Gaffers, and other users who worked with the original version of the light. It is impressive to see just how quickly all these changes were made (it has been less than six months since the original version was announced (this is one of the advantages of being a small, agile brand we guess).

  • More robust Yoke and Bowens mount.
  • Electrical board improvements for increased reliability.
  • More precise physical dials interaction.
  • Improvements to the Auto calibration process (according to Prolycht when an Orion 300 FS unit is built is goes through precision calibration for any emitter variations and then the system checks calibration every time it’s powered up).
  • Reduced fan noise level.

Although each of these improvements on its own might not look like a groundbreaking change, together they certainly seem to warrant at least a “version II” badge (or in this case the FS addition to the original name).

Like the original version, Prolycht offers several accessories to the light including an optional 2x Fresnel, Softbox, and Lantern Softbox Kit and there are also barn doors.

The Orion FS controller with a color monitor and dual V-mount battery plates

The Orion FS controller with a color monitor and dual V-mount battery plates

Pricing and availability

The Orion 300 FS is available right now with its accessories selling for $2150, and the 2x Fresnel attachment will cost an extra $320 and the projection lens attachment sells for $350.

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