Redrock Micro’s HĀLO is the Future of Focus Pulling

Focus pulling is a complex task usually done by experienced professionals – a new tool demonstrated during NAB 2015 currently being developed by Redrock Micro brings some very powerful capabilities to the table to make the lives of those professionals – easier.

In this video Joe Marine from No Film School had a chance to talk to Brian Valente from Redrock Micro who demonstrated some of the really amazing capabilities of the upcoming HĀLO advanced focus pulling unit.

So what is so special about HĀLO and why do we think that it can be a real “game changer” for the industry? Lets start with what makes the HĀLO. first you have a smart sensor which sits beneath your camera called HĀLO Explorer. This unit  maps and tracks the focus cues in your scene in real time – it can track people or moving subjects and displays them on a touch display in real time.

All the components of the HĀLO system

HeloThe rest of the unit includes a wireless follow focus unit which is controlled by the touchscreen and allows you do control the focus either manually (while you see on the screen in real time where your focus is) or completely automatically while tracking subjects which can move in the scene (how awesome is that!).

The HĀLO isn’t ready yet – it will be available around the end of the year and the price has not been determined yet but it will be between $2000-$5000 (which is pretty reasonable when you think about what this thing can actually do).

You can find more info on HĀLO on Redrock Micro’s website.

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