Hands on with the Rode VideoMic GO II Next gen portable shotgun mic

Rode released earlier today a new compact shotgun mic – the VideoMic GO II. This updated version has a long list of features and is intended for vloggers and other content creators who need a compact on-camera mic that doubles as a quality computer mic.

Rode VideoMic GO II: Packed with features

Rode designed the VideoMic GO II to work with cameras, smartphones, or tablets as well as computers. It has a pretty impressive list of features as you can see below:

Key Features

  • Extremely lightweight (just 89 grams / 3.1oz).
  • No battery is needed (works on plug-in power).
  • 3.5mm TRS output (for cameras and other devices).
  • USB-C output for use with mobile devices and computers.
  • Comes with a shock mount and windshield.
  • Sliding rail and cable management included.
  • Compatible with RØDE apps for controlling advanced features, and audio processing.
  • When used with the USB output the 3.5mm connection can be used to monitor audio via headphones.

VideoMic GO II features and specs – official video

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Advanced features Using the Rode apps

as interesting as the microphone itself is, Rode believes that the real power of this new mic comes from its ability to be used with the company’s apps including the RODE connect, RODE reporter, and RODE central.

With the Rode central, you can change the input gain of the mic, 20db pad (if you are speaking very close to the mic) and change the level of the headphones, and use a high pass filter in two levels and a high-frequency boost (if you are using the mic’s dead cat.

The Rode connects also gives you access to features such as noise gate, compressor, and other audio processing options – ideal for podcasters.

The Rode reporter brings some of these features to the mobile realm as well as recording capabilities and more.

This is an important step towards a future of fully digital audio recordings with some real-time processing. The next step in our opinion should be mics that have the processing power internally or can communicate wirelessly to a recorder or a mobile device but we are guessing that this will only be possible on larger and more expensive mics.

Pricing and availability

The Rode VideoMic GO II is already selling for just under $100.

Videos and reviews from around the web

Here are a number of videos and hands-on with the mic that are worth watching if you are considering buying it.

Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter on the Rode VideoMic GO II

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Gordon Laing taking an extensive look at the VideoMic GO II

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ZY Cheng with the VideoMic GO II and other Rode shotgun mics

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