Sennheiser AVX Wireless Microphone System Review (MKE2 Mic)

A few weeks ago we published our very extensive review of the Sennheiser AVX wireless microphone system, which we tested with the ME2 lav microphone. Today we are sharing with you our colleague Curtis Judd‘s look at the system but this time with the more advanced MKE-2 mic.

As some of you might remember we were very impressed with the AVX wireless system from Sennheiser which we tested here recently. It is very compact and super easy to use (basically plug and play), with a long-range and very good audio quality.

We got to review the more basic kit with the ME-2 lav mic from Sennheiser which is more than decent but Sennheiser actually sells the kit with a better, more expensive lav mic called MKE-2 which is what Judd had a chance to review, which is why we are bringing you his look (although if you are interested in the system we still suggest that you read our extensive look – here).

Besides quality and price – one difference between the ME2 and the MKE2 mics is the size of the supplied cover (and the accessories you get with it) – the ME2 foam cover is just a little bit too big for our taste – although the capsule itself isn’t very big – for some this issue alone will send them to the MKE-2 mic.

Judd also did a few other tests with the system – some are pretty similar to what we did – with very similar results to ours. Some are different including a comparison to the much less expensive (but bigger and more plasticity) RodeLink wireless system.

Judd’s Sennheiser AVX Dynamic Range and Outdoor Distance Tests



Final test – AVX – Battery, Distance, and Interference



As for pricing – the AVX currently sells for $1300 for the full kit that we have tested (with the ME-2 and the handheld mic) and $1050 for only the transmitter and receiver with the more advanced MKE-2 lav mic which Judd tested.

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