Sony 35mm F/2.8 ZA Lens Review – A perfect Travelling Lens

On this quick video review photographer Toby Gelston takes a look at the Sony 35mm F/2.8 ZA lens for the A7 series cameras.

Although Sony is working hard (on its own and with partners like Zeiss) to increase the lens selection of its A7 series, the company is still struggling with a pretty small selection (surly compared to Canon and Nikon Full Frame lens selection). The Sony 35mm f/2.8 is therefore an interesting offering as it is small, lightweight with a pretty fast aperture (although at 35mm you can find much faster glass from other manufacturers). The idea here was to create a very compact travel lens for the A7 series with a good aperture and strong performance wide open (instead of a much faster glass which will be even more expensive but more importantly – much larger and heavier.

There seems to be some vignetting but for the price it should be something that most users can live with (to be honest vignetting never bothered us that much anyway). Gelston talk about alternatives and pricing as well and there are a few – both more expensive and less expensive.

The Sony 35mm F/2.8 ZA  sells for just under $800 on Amazon.

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