Sony NP-F970 AA Battery Adapter Review

Filmaker Scott Eggleston loves low budget accessories and on this video he looks at a dirt cheap alternative to the popular Sony NP-F970.

If you are using lots of video gear you are probably using at least a few Sony NP-F970 batteries. They can operate almost anything from video cameras to LEDs and monitors. If you don’t want to buy more of them or need a flexible backup – there is an interesting alternative – a battery which looks just like the Sony NP-F970 but has a place inside for 6 AA batteries.

This inexpensive Chinese unit allows you to quickly replace an existing Sony NP-F970 battery and continue working with any old AA batteries (rechargeable or not that you can pick anywhere). This can be good as a backup when you simply do not have enough time to charge your Sony NP-F970).


What Eggleston didn’t really check in this review is how much power you can actually get from 6 AA batteries (the way that we see this – with 6 good Eneloop batteries you can probably get a lot more than the original  NP-F970 – which is another advantage).

There is one drawback apparently – you will need a bit of DIY to make the battery fit – according to Eggleston you will need to take off a bit of plastic from the unit but after you do that it works just fine (lets hope the Chinese manufacturers are watching this video and will know to fix this in the next version).

The The  NP-F970 Battery Case Pack Power will cost you around $8 (a normal clone battery will run you about $19).

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