The Large Boom Microphones Indoor Dialogue Comparison

If you are looking for a new boom microphone, this video by our colleague photographer and videographer Curtis Judd discusses some of the options that you have when looking to record  indoor dialogue.

On this video Judd tests 5 different Cardioid, Super-cardioid, and Hyper-cardioid microphones (the differences between these there types is in the pick up pattern – wider – Cardioid or more narrow – Hyper-cardioid), that can be ideal as boom mics for recording indoor dialogue.

Here are the 5 microphones used in this review:

  • Samson C02 Super-cardioid Microphone Set – $100.
  • Audix SCX1HC Hyper-cardioid Microphone – $500.
  • AKG Blueline with CK 93 Hyper-cardioid Microphone – $480.
  • Audio Technica AT4053b Hyper-cardioid Microphone – $600.
  • RODE NT5 cardioid  Microphone – $220.

You need a good set of earphones (and make sure you watch this video on HD or QHD setting) if you really want to hear the small differences between the mics – to us – even with a good set of Sony monitor earphones – the differences where not huge, if any.

We feel that Judd’s suggestion in the end of the video is solid – hear for yourself and based on which mic you liked best and you budget – choose the mic that suites you the most.

You can check out more of Judd’s videos which focus mostly on audio and video here on LensVid, more photography gear guides can be found here as well and finally if you are into  sound recording for video productions check out this link which covers both equipment and techniques here on LensVid.