Trost Motion Slider Preview

Earlier this month Trost Motion have announced the availability of a new kind of camera slider which is meant to be extremely strong but also precise enough for even tiny movements required for example in macro photography.

Trost Motion – Super sturdy and precise slider


The 15 pounds (6.8 kg) all metal (steel) Trost can hold enormous weights – up to 560 pounds (enough to hold fully kitted Arri Alexa or RED Epic with the right head). Its so strong the designers created this video showing 4 Trost sliders holding a car and moving it!


There are currently 3 Trost sliders configurations:

  • Trost 100 – a 1 meter slider (39 inch).
  • Trost 75 – a 75 cm slider (29 inch).
  • Trost 100×50 – a 2-axis slider combining a 100 cm long slider with another 50 cm (20 inch) slider.

Trost sliders prices start from $1,299 (from Trost Motion) .

3 different configurations


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