World’s First: SIGMA WR Ceramic Protector Filter

Yesterday Sigma unveiled the world’s first ceramic protector filter for photography with up to 300% harder glass than the best existing filters.

Conventional coatings typically harden only the surface of the glass they cover however the new ceramic protector which is made using a special heat treatment that precipitates tiny microcrystalline spinel throughout the material is hard all through the material giving it much more strength against impact (up to 3 times the best hardened optical glass currently in the market according to Sigma).

Super strong ceramic protector

Sigma-WR-Ceramic-Protector-FilterThe new ceramic filters offer a number of advantages according to Sigma including:

  • High degree of scratch resistance.
  • Highly degree of shock resistance.
  • Up to 10 times stronger than other conventional protective filters.
  • Water, oil and dust resistant coating.
  • 50% thinner and 30% lighter than existing Sigma filters.
  • High transmittance – coating reflects only 0.24 percent of visible light (minimizes flare and ghosting).

Sigma has yet to publish when the new filter will reach the market or how much they will cost, but we do know that Sigma will release versions ranging from 67-105mm in diameter. We are already asking ourselves if this new technology will soon find its way into Sigma’s lenses, making future lenses much tougher (more info on the Sigma website).

Testing the new Sigma ceramic protector filter

WR-Ceramic-Protector-Filter-testIf you don’t want to miss any new photography product be sure to check out our product photography section on our photo gear channel.

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