10 Most Watched Photography Videos in 2014

We are starting a new tradition here on LensVid this year – a recap of the most viewed stories (and videos) of the passing year here on lensvid.com.

Here are the top 10 stories of LensVid in 2014:

1. DIY Exoplanet Detector Using a DSLR – The first place (with tens of thousands of views and more likes on facebook than any other story this year on the site) brings a really special DIY project by David Schneider who created a sort of “planet discovering system” using an entry level DSLR! (see video above).

2. Build your own DIY Digital Stabilized Camera Gimbal – another DIY project (and one of the oldest videos on the site but still highly popular). Videographer Tom Antos created a very advanced DIY camera stabilizer which he demonstrates in this video.


3. 4K Galaxy NOTE 3 V.S. Canon 5D Mark III – Video Comparison – The quality of today’s 4K smartphones (especially the amount of details) really surprised us – and apparently  we were not alone.


4. LG 34UM95 34″: The Ultimate Monitor – Hands on Review – huge displays have always interested photographers and videographers and the ultra wide LG screen is especially interesting in this respect.


5. How to Cut Out Complex Hair in Photoshop – Aaron Nace and Phlearn have been doing amazingly well on LensVid this year with many, many popular videos. This video, demonstrating how to make a perfect hair selection in Photoshop is a great example of the quality work from Phlearn – keep up the good work in 2015!


6. LensVid Exclusive: What Happened to the Photography Industry in 2013? – On the 6’th place we have our very own video which received lots of attention from websites across the web – looking at what happened to the photography industry in 2013 (and it ain’t good…).


7. Amazing – from 2D to 3D Object Manipulation Using Free Software – students from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of California, Berkeley developed a free software which uses regular 2D images and combines them with free 3D models of objects to create unbelievable results – check it out:


8. How to use Filters in Photoshop (and which not to use) – Photoshop was a big part of our videos here on LensVid and Photoshop product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes’ series of videos was very well recived. On this video he takes a look at using filters in Photoshop – what to choose and what not to choose and how you can really improve your work in a few simple clicks.


9. How to Creaete X Ray Effect in Photoshop – One of the most popular Photoshop videos on LensVid (and one of the oldest), looks at creating an x-ray effect using Photoshop.


10. Sexier Posing – Creating an Edgy Photoshoot – sex sells (well not as much as it used to as this is only no. 10 on our list), but on this video photographer Doug Gordon demonstrate how you can create a more edgy, sexy type of couples and single model posing.


Happy new Year from LensVid!

Iddo Genuth
Iddo Genuth is the founder and chief editor of LensVid.com. He has been a technology reporter working for international publications since the late 1990's and covering photography since 2009. Iddo is also a co-founder of a production company specializing in commercial food and product visual content.

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