First Feature Film Shot on Prius Back Camera

If you thought shooting an entire feature film with an iPhone is a headache what would you say about shooting an entire movie with a Prius back-drive/ reversing camera , and no this isn’t a Toyota commercial.

This pretty hilarious video was created by the guys at Mommy Comedy (Ryan Kelly and Andrew Heder). If you were on a set we are sure you ran into some of the crazy stuff that you can see in this mock behind the scenes parts.

So can you really make a full feature movie using only a Prius back-drive camera? we didn’t really try it (although we own a 2016 Toyota and the back-drive camera is actually pretty decent) but the limitation of the distance (it has a very wide angle lens) and the danger of a moving vehicle plus some other complications will probably drive (some pun intended) any DP mad before the film is done.

You can catch up some more of Mommy Comedy’s videos on this link.

If you are into some “photographic fun and humor” make sure you check our dedicated channel here on LensVid.

VIA: fstoppers.

Iddo Genuth
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