Jonna Jinton: A Northern Fairy Tale

Sweedish photographer and artist Jonna Jinton made a life-altering decision to move a 1000 km north to get closer to nature and in the process capture breathtaking images that look as if they were taken right out of a fairy tale.

8 years ago Jinton left the city life and moved way up north to a tiny village to get a feel of the true raw nature of the north. Living in such isolated conditions can be exceedingly challenging, especially if you are alone, however, Jinton didn’t only survive, she was able to develop her career as a photographer and make a name for herself as an artist and a vlogger.

Living in the far north can bring many challenges (the freezing temperatures, long dark and lonely months of winter) but they also present unique opportunities, especially for a landscape photographers including catching a glimpse of the northern lights as well as majestic  fairytale-like wooden fog that looks like a scene from Lord of the Ring (one of Jinton’s photos even found its way into IKEA).

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Iddo Genuth
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