Celebrating the Holidays: Lindsay Adler Red Fashion Shoot How to create a themed holiday fashion shoot

In this festive holiday video, NY based fashion photographer Lindsay Adler demonstrates how she created a unique red image with several lights and a

Canon ambassador Lindsay Adler decided to celebrate the holidays with some deep red colors and arranged this cool looking shot with a model with a red dress, red hat, red gifts on a red background (good thing that red is our favorite color…).

The model/ outfit / set

The inspiration for this shoot originated from her look for a plaid dress. With the help of a stylist, she finally got a red plaid dress but she wanted to complement it with a hat. In this case, there was nothing that was exactly right that you can buy so she was able to get one made specifically for the shoot. The complete the plaid holiday look she also wrapped some boxes in plaid wrapping paper.

For the background Adler chooses red but this time she went with plain red color and not plaid as she wanted to keep her options for adding some text later on as well as create some contrast to the plaid pattern on her model while still keeping up with the general red theme.

The Lights

After the set and model are ready it’s time to take a look at the lighting setup. Adler used 4 lights for this shoot. The main light for this shoot is a strobe (Adler typically works with Profoto lights) with a beauty dish and a grid for some focused light on the model’s face and fade down the body and the rest of the shot.

The main light looks cool but the rest of the shot is dark. This is time to introduce two backlights (one from each side of the background) both of these use white umbrellas (bouncing for some softer look).

The fourth and final light is Adler’s fill light. She uses another strobe with a large umbrella with a diffusion that lifts the shadows and adds some details to the dress and the rest of the model’s body.

Bringing it all together

Adler used Canon’s R5 with a 24-105mm lens which she chose to help her quickly change between full body and more close up portrait shots (for beauty shoots it is not uncommon to use f/5.6 or f/8 so a sharp f/4 lens like the Canon 24-105mm RF is not necessarily as restrictive in the studio as some might think).

The end result is a fun full-body beauty portrait with lots and lots of red (and plaid).

Bonus video: a second high key red fashion shoot by Adler

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