Pelican Learns To Fly (with a GoPro on its Beak)

Its not the first time we see a bird wearing a camera and taking to the skies, however this is the first time we see a huge Pelican with a tiny GoPro aimed backwards looking how the bird looks in flight – and wow the view is spectacular.

When we first saw this video we were not sure if putting a camera on the bird does not disturb it in any way, but the story is actually more interesting – the White pelican got lost and was abandoned by it’s flock during a storm. It reached the shore and picked be the staff of Greystoke Mahale in Tanzania who help it recover and regain its strength (and recorded the process – you can actually see (around 0:28 sec) the relative size of the GoPro compared to the sized of the bird.

Lat year we brought to you a BBC video showing a Caracara Bird Turn Photographer with the Help of an EggCam which is a different take on the whole bird-photographer theme.

Iddo Genuth
Iddo Genuth is the founder and chief editor of He has been a technology reporter working for international publications since the late 1990's and covering photography since 2009. Iddo is also a co-founder of a production company specializing in commercial food and product visual content.

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