The Frog Photographer

Robin Moore is a frog photographer and a conservationist. On this amazing BBC video filmed in Costa Rica he follows different species of frogs in the rain forest and shoots them in their natural habitat.

Robin Moore discovered frogs as a child and never looked back. As an adult he combined his passion for frogs with a career as a researcher, conservationist and photographer to travel the world photographing different types of frogs and other amphibians and helping to bring them into the collective conciousness through images.

This beautiful video made for BBC tells the story of his ravel to Costa Rica and his work with local people to try and photograph several sciences of frogs which were thought to be extinct.

If you are interested in the full story behind Moore’s work we highly recommend that you head over to the BBC website and check out their article entitled “Can frogs return from the dead“, and also have a look at Moore’s own website for more info and images.

ou can watch more videos of interesting photographers on our photographer section here on LensVid.

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