4 Little Accessories You Really Need You tiny photo helpers (4-in-1 part 1)

Today we are taking a look at 4 little products that we have been using here on LensVid that we think you might want to try as well (we were aiming to do this in under one min but we got carried away…).

PB Special flat screwdriver size 7

This special thick flat head screwdriver is just the perfect tool for locking and unlocking those annoying quick-release plates without destroying the screw head. If you ever had to fight with a flat screw this is the tool for you.

It was designed specifically as a tool for the film industry, it has a special grip that allows you to apply a lot of force easily as well as a utility hole if you want to make sure it won’t go missing.

It very well made, manufactured in Switzerland, costs just under $27, and worth every last one of them if you want to make sure your expensive gear is secured.

The PB Special flat screwdriver size 7

PB Special flat screwdriver size 7

Manfrotto pico clamp

Manfrotto makes countless clamps, arms, and other accessories. This one is a real hidden gem in their lineup. It’s a tiny clamp with 3/8″ and 1/4″ threads on top. It can hold up to 2kg/4.4lbs and can clamp onto a tube up to around 22mm (a little less than 1″).

This makes it useful for attaching all sorts of things with very minimal footprint including monitors, mics, small lights, and much more – securely and easily.

We use it to hold Tilta Nucleus Nano controller unit on our fluid head handle and it will also work in a pinch on a 15mm rod for holding a monitor for example (although we will show you a better solution for that in an upcoming video).

The Manfrotto pico clamp is really ideal for tight spaces and smaller accessories you want to rig discreetly and it sells for just $40.

The Manfrotto pico clamp

Manfrotto pico clamp

Sprig cable management

This is a tiny but very convenient cable lock system for camera rigs. It is made of flexible plastic and has a 1/4″ 20 thread which you can easily connect to your cage, camera, or cheese plate and help secure those annoying HDMI, USB, or power cables when they are in the way.

This patent-pending solution is quick to deploy and remove and helps you keep your rigs cable runs neat and tidy.

We got the black version but you can get them in other colors as well which also glow in the dark if this is your thing. 6 units of Sprig Cable Management cost just under $20.

The Sprig cable management units

Sprig cable management

Tilta Mini Follow Focus (FF-T06)

If you only use follow focus from time to time and don’t want to invest too much in a high-end system, Tilta has a nice budget solution for you.

The company also sells the fairly affordable Tilta Nucleus-Nano which has a motor and is controlled wirelessly but it cost more than twice as much, requires batteries or external power to operate, and can be a bit of a hassle to setup especially for fly by wire lenses without hard stops.

for quick operation, the Tilta mini follow focus is faster to deploy and set up, doesn’t need power, and has very little backlash based on our experience with mirrorless lenses (and some adapted DSLR glass).

We would not count on it for professional high-end productions but for occasional quick manual focus changes, it seems to work fine. The only thing that we suggest is to remove the hard stops if you don’t use them as they can make annoying sounds.

For under $100 the Tilta mini follow focus is well build and is a tool we find ourselves using whenever we just need a quick setup that simply works.

The Tilta Mini Follow Focus

Tilta Mini Follow Focus

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