Simple Cable Clamp for your Fluid Head – Tip (#Shorts) Simple trick for locking your HDMI/USB cable on a fluid head

Today we have a quick useful tip for you on how you can lock in an HDMI/USB cable using a cable Clamp for your fluid head to prevent accidental HDMI cable removal or secure a power cable.

Secure Your cable

This tip comes from a real need that we had in the studio for quite some time. We have a rolling dual monitor setup that we use to view what we are shooting at all times. When it is not connected to one of our cameras via wireless HDMI we have a long HDMI cable connecting it to the camera.

If you want this cable to stay in place you have to fix it in place somehow. After testing all sorts of solutions we decided to use a cable clamp. We tried several different models and although at the moment there is no specific cable clamp designed to connect to the rosette on the side of a fluid head, the one that we did find seems to work very well.

UURig R066 Cable Clamp

While the UURig R066 Cable Clamp was designed with cages and gimbals in mind (and it does a very good job at that in our opinion), we discovered that it can work just as well when connected to the empty rosette on the side of our Manfrotto fluid heads.

It has a 1/4″ 20 screw and when it is mounted on the rosette it doesn’t seem to swivel or move after you lock it and it can accommodate 3-6mm cables (in our experience it works well with thin cables but also with thick HDMI cables which we often use for longer runs).

The UURig R066 connected to the rosette on our 504X fluid head (from the video)


Get the UURig R066

Maybe the best thing about this tip is that is really inexpensive. the UURig R066 sells for just $18 on Amazon and it is certainly worth the convenience of a secure cable.

A dedicated rosette cable clamp?

We are looking into the idea of a dedicated rosette cable clamp that will fit nicely into the rosette of a fluid head or even a cage/gimbal with some extra features – we can’t promise anything at this stage but if we will see enough interest we will certainly do our best to bring this concept to life in the future.

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