Hollyland Mars M1 and Mars 4K Wireless Monitor \ Video System (IBC 2022) Affordable wireless monitor and 4K wireless solutions

During IBC 2022 Hollyland introduced two new products, the Mars M1 wireless monitor system, and the Mars 4K wireless video system. We talked to Skylar from Hollyland who gave us a brief intro to both products.

Mars M1 wireless monitor system

So what is the new Mars M1 system? At its core, the M1 is a 5.5″ touch monitor with a built-in wireless video transmitter and a receiver. It weighs 13.5oz/380g (without the small antennas), and according to the company, it should be able to sustain a 1m drop. According to Hollyland, the monitor has a brightness of 1.000 nits.

The monitor includes features such as professional color calibration, color temperature adjustment, and comes with 5 3D-LUT preset files. The M1 has an official range of 450ft (150m) and a latency of 0.08s. It supports 4K/30fps HDMI input and output (the screen itself is 1080p only) and SDI input.

When it comes to power it can be powered by either USB-C port, the 6-16V barrel DC input, or Sony NP-F style battery which seems to cover all the important bases for this type of device.

In order to send the monitor a signal from the camera, you can use many of Hollyland’s existing wireless transmitters including the Mars 300 Pro, Mars 400s Pro, and new Mars 4K, and the company promises support for all future Mars Pro and 4K units You can also use another M1 connected to the camera to serve both as an on-camera monitor and transmitter and can change the function of the M1 between transmitter and receiver from the menu.

Hollyland Mars M1 monitors at IBC-2022


Mars 4K wireless video system

The new Mars 4K has a very similar look to the Cosmo M1 that we tested earlier this year (see full review), however, looking closely at the external design show several changes like the removal of one SDI port and a new joystick to control the functions (a welcome addition as the control of the Cosmo was less than optimal). Another change to the new unit is the new removable compact antennas which you can also see in the Mars M1 monitor.

Of course, the main feature of the Mars 4K has nothing to do with external design.  The Mars 4K has an upgraded, dual-core codec chip with a data-transfer rate of 12 Mbs (just like the new Mars M1) that can transmit and receives up to 4K 30p footage from up to 150m\450ft distance – this is new for such a prosumer product and will, of course, require using a 4K monitor to receive the signal (although in theory, it should work not just with 4K production monitors but with 4K TVs and computer monitors as well).

A single Mars 4K transmitter can send a signal up to two receivers or four mobile devices (iOS and Android equipped with the Hollyland app).

Pricing and availability

The Mars 4K kit with one transmitter and one receiver is available now for preorder for $700 while the Mars M1 is also available for $550.

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