ThinkTank Video Tripod Manager 44 Tall Rolling Case – Long Term Review The ultimate pro rolling bag for your video tripod (and much more)

Today we are taking a look at a product we’ve had in our studio for a long time, and although we have used it far less than we would like to, mostly because of our move into our new studio and the global situation, we have used it enough to give you a good overview of what it can do.

Build and Design

The Video Tripod Manager is a tall bag, measuring 44.5 “/113 cm high externally and 40″/102cm internally. It weighs in at 17.6lbs/8kg, mostly due to its very heavy-duty build, made of several layers of nylon and hard foam.

The bag has a single compartment, which can be divided into two sections, using the provided hard divider for placing accessories or a video head is separated from the tripod.

The ThinkTank Tripod Manager 44 Tall Rolling Case

The ThinkTank Tripod Manager 44 Tall Rolling Case

The bag also comes with two bolster cushions, which can be placed on the sides of the tripod to prevent it from moving or just to add extra padding inside the bag.

To secure the tripod in the case there are included safety straps inside that hold the tripod securely (please don’t forget to tighten them, as your tripod can fall and be damaged otherwise).

The bag cover has two adjustable velcro straps that act as stoppers, connected to the inside edges of this rolling case, preventing the panel from opening all the way.  This can be useful, but you can also take them off if necessary.

The bag has two see-through internal pockets for accessories, although there are no large external pockets, which would have been useful, but might increase the size of the bag.

The bag has thick heavy-duty zippers with a special flap cover, which both protect the zippers from damage and provides an extra layer of weather-resistance.

One very important feature of this rolling bag is the extra-tall skid plates on the back and hard feet, and of course very high-quality shock-absorbing wheels that are user-replaceable.

Shock-absorbing wheels

The bottom internal part of the bag is covered in a special dark material that can be cleaned easily if there is dirt on your tripod legs – a really nice touch.

There is an ID plate on the back, which you can register on the ThinkTank website (if your bag gets stolen or lost and found later on), there is also a small padlock in a pocket on the top part of the bag, which you can use to secure the bag with the included steel cable to anything fixed.

Next to the lock pocket, there is also a large transparent pouch to insert travel info or bag identification – if you have several of these bags, you can easily tell which has what (via text or numbers).

There are thick handles all around the body of the bag, so two people can easily lift the bag if it is full of heavy gear.

Build-in Lock

Using the Video Tripod Manager 44

As we have mentioned, due to the circumstances in the past year or so, we haven’t had a chance to use the bag as much as we would like to (although we are sure we will in the future) but we did have enough time with it to appreciate how useful it is.

It can take a lot more than just a video tripod, and when we moved to our new studio we actually filled it with a ton of studio gear — poles and accessories, and it had no issue taking it all securely, so it is certainly a versatile bag.

One world about long-term durability. Although we haven’t used the Video Tripod Manager 44 that much, we have been using a different rolling camera bag by ThinkTank on a daily basis as our main camera case for transporting gear to the studio. This one is the Airport International Version 3 which we reviewed back in 2018 and still works fantastically well.

Long heavy duty roller bag


The Video Tripod Manager 44 is currently selling for just under $350 (including free shipping in the U.S. + gift curtest of ThinkTank), and if you need a roomy, well-made, durable rolling case for your video tripod or any type of longer gear up to around 40″ / 1 meter, this is a fantastic option and an investment that will likely serve you for years to come.

Rugged high quality build with internal mesh pockets

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