ThinkTank Introduces Video Dedicated Bags (Updated)

In preparation for the upcoming NAB 2016 next week ThinkTank just introduced a whole new line of professional rollers and shoulder bags designed specifically for videographers.

ThinkTank actually introduced not one or two but 4 different series of video bags – each with its own specific purpose and target audience. Myabe the most interesting of the four is the huge Video Rig Rollers – these are 18″ and 24″ heavy duty rollers which are very deep and are specifically intended for people who want to carry a large fully (or almost fully) assembled video rig with them anywhere – take it out and start shooting (we know exactly what they are talking about – even out small rig can take us over 15 min to assemble sometimes. 

Update: The guys from Culture Pop Films review of the new video lineup of bags from Think Tank


The Video Rig Rollers (just like the three other series bags have) ABS twinwall-reinforced side-walls provide impact protection more specific to this series they also have adjustable, articulating and reinforced camera stabilizers provide a custom fit for awkward camera rigs.

You can see the Video Rig Rollers in the video above, they range in price from $480-$520.

If you are looking for something smaller Video Transport Rollers can still fit some serious video equipment but it is designed for gear which is not assembled.

You can see the Video Transport Rollers in the video below, they range in price from $400-$430.

Video Transport Rollers


Next we have the handheld series which has 3 different sizes – this is generally for smaller rigs which are usually partially assembled.

You can see the Video WorkHorse Series in the video below, they range in price from $230-$290.

The Video WorkHorse Series


Finally we have the Helipak which is a backpack specifically deesigned for the DJI Inspire.

You can see the Helipak DJI Inspire Backpack in the video below, they range in price from $340.

The Helipak DJI Inspire Backpack


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