Add Punch to Your Photos – Split Toning in Lightroom

On this Adorama video, photographer Mark Wallace takes a look at how your can spice up your images in Lightroom by using a technique called split toning.

Split Toning allows you to add color tones to your highlights and shadows for creative effect – you don’t have to make it excessive although if this is what you are looking for – this can be a great technique.

So the idea of split tone is to inject it to the highlights or the shadows of your image or both. You go to the develop module in Lightroom and you have 5 bars – you can choose the color and how much of it you want to inject to the highlights or the shadows.  For the color you can use the color picker.

The balance sets how much of the highlight or the shadows is “expended”. Finally Wallace demonstrates how you can use this technique in different real world photos to add some color interest to them in a way that will not look over processed.

In the past we published a different video by photographer Gavin Hoey who looked at a different aspect of split toning in Lightroom – that time in mono images – you can check it out here.

You can check out more useful Lightroom guides and tips on our LensVid Lightroom section and more from Wallace on this link.

Iddo Genuth
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