How to Create Soft & Dreamy B&W Image Using Radial Filters in Lightroom

This video tip by photographer Anthony Morganti looks at two subjects – b&w conversion and creating a sort of soft-dreamy feel to the image using the redial filter in Adobe Lightroom.

Making an image look soft in both Lightroom and Camera RAW is simple – just move the clarity filter to the right and you are done. However this applies the look and feel to the entire image and this is not necessarily what we want.

Morganti starts by talking about 3 different ways of converting your image to B&W (you can skip this step if you are just interested in soft-dreamy aspect of this tutorial. The second part of this video deals with the redial filter which allows you to do adjustments either inside or outside a semi-circle which you can create anywhere in the image and allows you lots of flexibility (you can create a vinette on a part of the image for example). Morganti gave a very strong example but you can make this in a much more settle way if you like.

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Iddo Genuth
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