Creating a Grunge Look in Photoshop

This video by photographer Anthony Morganti shows how to create a type of grunge-rough look to a portrait using Photoshop.

It is a bit hard to define but a grunge look is something that you are going to identify immediately. this is not the first time we are looking into a special type of effect for portraits in Photoshop. Last year we had Jesús Ramirez video who looked at how to create a look known as the Dragan effect (sometimes also referred to as the 300 effect).

Morganti gives many keyboard shortcuts  in this video – you can write them down but if you want to check all of them you can take a look at this page on the Adobe website.

You can find many other Photoshop video tutorials on LensVid’s Photoshop section. We have covered many of Morganti’s other videos which you can find here on LensVid.