Creating a Vintage Film Look to Your Images in Lightroom

This video tip by photographer Anthony Morganti will show you how to do a vintage look using Adobe Lightroom.

Many images in the 70’s and 80’s used to have a very distinctive look which is now widely refereed to as a vintage look (you can easily recognize it when you see a bit of purple in the image and lack of true blacks).

You can use Lightroom presets to make a vintage look however understanding how to do it yourself allows you to twink the look and make it perfect for each specific image. In this video Morganti do a step by step tutorial on how to get this look. The final image as you can see is not what we would call “super vintage” but only a mild twink. However after watching the video you have the tools to make more (or if you like – less) prominent in your own images.

We already covered this topic in the past on Pye’s video “Creating a Vintage Cross Processed Image Look in Lightroom” as well as two videos looking on reaching the same loon in Photoshop – both by Aaron Nacefrom Phlearn – “How to Make a Vintage Photo” and “How to Create a Vintage Photo in Photoshop“.

You can check out more useful Lightroom guides and tips on our LensVid Lightroom section. You can more videos of Anthony Morganti here on Lensvid.

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