Edit your Video Using Camera RAW in Photoshop

Photoshop expert Howard Pinsky decided to take a look at editing a video in Photoshop using camera RAW and if you don’t have a dedicated video editing software you can still make some nice quick changes using it.

We typically think about camera RAW in Photoshop as a tool used for stills, however you can now use it for video as well and it is pretty simple. After importing your video and converting it into a smart object all you need to do is open it in camera RAW (as a filter) – make any changes you want as if it was a stills image and go back to Photoshop where you can export it.

Pinsky shows a quick demo of what you can do with just a few minor tweeks to a video and with a bit more work you can even do better. We feel that Adobe needs to be able to take these possibilities even further and create new tools that will allow users to make Photoshop-like changes to different parts of the video (without actually changing each frame which is a very tedious work).

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