Five Easy and Cool Photo Retouching Tips and Tricks in Photoshop

This video tutorial by Denny Tang from Photoshop Tutorials (narrated by Dean Wendt) includes 5 very useful tips for Photoshop users – a few of them are pretty simple and very helpful.

Here are the five tips shown in this quick tutorial:

  • Restoring blow out details from highlights (very useful).
  • Using the healing and the clone tools on a separate layer (kind of obvious but still good to remember).
  • Reducing haze in an image – the easy way (super super useful!).
  • Adding a blue sky (there are better ways to do this – but you can try improving this method using a gradient instead of solid blue color).
  • Photoshop actions (see some links below).

As the video mentions – there are tons and tons of actions you can buy or even download for free – we recently published – “phlearnmethod: Cool Actions for your Photoshop to Increase your Productivity” which includes some great free (as well as paid) actions that you can download – we have been using them for a while and they are a real time saver.

Here are a few of the action site mentioned in the video:

• Free Photoshop actions:…
• More Free Photoshop Actions:…
• Premium/Paid Actions:…
• Instagram Actions:…
• Skin Retouching Actions:…

You can find many more Photoshop video tutorials on LensVid’s Photoshop section.

Iddo Genuth
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