How to Fix Missing Teeth in Photoshop in Under a Minute

On this video photoshop expert Howard Pinsky demonstrates how to fix a missing teeth in less than 60 seconds using Photoshop.

All kids go through baby teeth at one point or another – if you don’t like the way it looks in an image you can always fix this in Photoshop and as you can see on this simple and short tutorial its kind of easy.

Pinsky start by selecting of a similar tooth and creating a new layer using this selection. He moves it to to the place of the missing tooth and add a layer mask and using a soft brush  blend the top of the tooth to the gum. Next he switch to the magic wand tool and select the white of the tooth, inverse and paint outside to hide it. Finally move the reflection using the content aware move tool so the tooth will look unique.

We have look at different aspects of teeth and post processing in Photoshop several times in the past including: “The Right Way to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop” and “How To Fix Teeth In Adobe Photoshop“.

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