Content-Aware Cropping in Adobe Photoshop CC 20.15.5

As you recall not too long ago Adobe announced the latest version of Photoshop CC – the 2015.5 edition which introduced several new features. One of those is the new content aware crop which  is demonstrated in this video by Howard Pinsky.

Among some of the other interesting features unveiled recently by Adobe (and posted on our Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 article) there is the new content aware crop which lets you magically fill in transparent areas of your images automatically after cropping without any additional action.

Using the new tool only requires you to mark a v on the crop tool new checkbox. From our experience it also does not work with the crop tool classic mode (which we actually prefer) so keep this in mind.

As with all uses of content aware in Photoshop – this feature isn’t perfect and from time to time you will see repeating lines and patterns or tiling which you will need to fix by hand using the healing brush tool (or the clone stamp).

We have done quite a few articles on different types of content aware features in Photoshop which you can check out here.

You can also check out more of Pinsky’s videos on our Photoshop Channel here on LensVid as well as many more Photoshop video tutorials on LensVid’s Photoshop section.

Iddo Genuth
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  1. I really like the content aware crop feature, but batch cropping in Photoshop takes too much since you have to create an action, apply your edit and then stop recording.
    I use BatchPhoto for batch editing including cropping.
    It’s not a tool as powerful as Photoshop, but for batch editing works great

  2. This is really nice tips about content aware cropping in photoshop. Video made this post so eminent and easy to understand. great job man.

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