How To Add and Enhance Eyelashes and Eyebrows in Photoshop

In this video photographer Michael Woloszynowicz (from vibrantshot) takes a look at  how to enhance both eyelashes and eyebrows using Adobe Photoshop.

Woloszynowicz shows a few ways of fixing, enhancing and drawing in lashes and eyebrows to improve your portraits – important especially for high res tight headshots.

This is not the first time Woloszynowicz looks at enhancing eyes in Photoshop, in the past we brought to you his video tutorial on How To Brighten Eyes in Photoshop as well as other facial features such as How to Retouch Lips Using Photoshop.

Your can check out all of Woloszynowicz‘s previous tutorials here on LensVid as well as many more Photoshop video tutorials on LensVid’s Photoshop section.

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