How To Create a More Impacting Sunrise/Sunset Photos in Photoshop

On this quick video, photographer Jimmy McIntyre looks at creating more powerful looking sunrise or sunset images with Photoshop.

McIntyre start by creating a new layer and painting orange on the area where the sun is. To target the highlights specifically, next he changes the blend mode to soft light (you can use overlay if you want a stronger effect). McIntyre  creates a mask which targets just the highlights and mid tones (see the specific settings McIntyre uses in the video). There are a few more steps in this short tutorial but this is more or less the basic idea.

The last part of this video is dedicated to a really cool effect you can do to an image to actually make it cooler (instead of warmer) with the Raya Pro which is a Photoshop add-on that McIntyre  developed that can do many things and help you save time on Photoshop which you can check on our previous article – here. The Raya Pro cost between $30 and $90 depending on the exact version and you can find them here.

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