How to create a Video in Text Jump Animation in Premiere Pro Jumping video in text effect in Premiere Pro

In this short video tutorial, Justin Odisho demonstrates how to create a simple yet elegant intro live text animation in Premiere Pro.

There are lots of ways to spice up your video with text, one way which we really like is the ability to introduce a video inside the text and on this video Odisho demonstrates how to do that and make some cool “jumping style” effects that are just what you might be looking for when editing a very dynamic style video.

The first step is to add your text in a new layer and set it to your desired look (size, color, font, etc.) in the essential graphics panel. Next, add to the clip a track matte key effect (from the video effects). Now you need to choose the layer for the matte and  Odisho makes the background transparent by making sure that there is an empty layer below the video and text.

Now you can add a layer of color and you can choose any color by going to file>new>color matte and choose your color (you can of course extend this layer as much as you want). What we made so far is just a cool video inside the text with a colored background – this is great if that is all you want but you can take this a step further as Odisho shows with some jumpstyle animation.

What you need to do here is to create some keyframe on the position and scale and highlight those frames and set them to “hold” and keep moving with new keyframes and play with the scale. After a few sec of jumps you get the text back to normal and cut back to the actual video. You should play around with the timing and speed to get the perfect result for your video.

You can find more articles and videos looking at different aspects of video editing on our special section here on LensVid.

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