Premiere Pro July 2021 release (version 15.4) New Features What's new in Premiere Pro 15.4: AI based text to speach, better Mac M1 support and much more

Adobe recently published a new version of its Premiere Pro software which uses Adobe’s Sensei machine learning technology to automatically convert speech to text for automatic captions as well as up to 80% faster Mac M1 support and several other improvements.

What’s new in Premiere Pro version 15.4

The new version of PP which became officially available a few hours ago brings more than a dozen improvements and features including the following:

  • Speech to Text – using Adobe’s Sensei machine learning PP now can automatically generate a transcript and add captions to your videos. This feature which is now out of beta stage support 13 languages.
  • Transcript editing tools – You also have more advanced transcript tools that can identify different speakers and allow you to click on a word in the text panel to move the playhead to the corresponding position in the timeline of the clip.
  • Generate captions automatically – This is another aspect of the new technology which allows you to use sliders for adjusting how captions are arranged, change caption presets. If needed, you can save your own custom presets as well.
  • Native support for Apple M1 computers – according to Adobe with the latest update to PP you can now leverage the full potential of the Mac M1 hardware with Premiere Pro being nearly 80% faster than comparable Intel-based Macs.
  • New titling and caption styling tools – There are now even more tools for stylizing text and captions in PP including the ability to add multiple shadows to text layers, change attributes of text backgrounds, and font substitution with 28 different alphabets.
  • Upgrade Legacy Titles – you can now convert those old legacy titles into Source Graphics within PP projects.
  • Color improvements – The LUT interpolation in PP now offers a more precise interpretation of color information for improved consistency when grading shots made in difficult lighting conditions and there is also a newly colorized vectorscope that provides more detailed image analysis.
  • Faster Team Projects – You now have faster saving, loading (beta), and relinking (beta) options for team projects.
  • Label colors and clip names – With the latest version of PP you can now customize label colors and clip names on the timeline and have the changes apply to the source media label colors and clip names on the Project panel.
  • Faster Scene Edit Detection – According to Adobe the Adobe Sensei technology allows for up to 2x faster scene edit detection on macOS and Windows, and 3X faster on Apple M1 devices.
  • Automatic audio device switching – On the latest version of PP  Windows will automatically switch to a different audio device when swapping out audio devices (i.e. interfaces, microphones, or headphones).

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