How to Place Art on a Wall Using Photoshop

On this video tutorial Aaron Nace from Phlearn shows how to create a an artistic looking photo wall using Adobe Photoshop.

So you are a photographer and you want to print your images and put them on your wall of your studio, office or home for display. But how are they going to look? is there a way to know in advance before you print them? well, on this video Nace demonstrate how you can use Photoshop for just this task while also giving you some good tips of working with several images and transformations for changing perspective (plus some tips for creating frames).

We have covered different aspects of perspective on Both Photoshop and Lightroom here on LensVid including the great video by Jesús Ramirez: “Using Perspective and Vanishing Point To Create Composites In Photoshop“, Editing & Manipulating Images in Perspective Using Vanishing Point in Photoshop by Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Travel Photography: Correcting Perspective in Lightroom as well as How to Duplicate Anything in Perspective using Photoshop and “How to Use the Vanishing Point Filter in Photoshop” by Nace himself.

You can find many more Photoshop video tutorials on LensVid’s Photoshop section (and you can find a lot more Phlearn videos on our special Phlearn subsection).

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