How to Remove Your Ex-Boyfriend in Photoshop

On this video tutorial Aaron Nace from Phlearn demonstrates how to remove a person from an image in Photoshop in a realistic way.

Many of us know this – we have an old image that we really like but there are some people that we don’t really want to see – it can be an old boyfriend or girlfriend, a coworker or even a family member which we don’t want in the image for one reason or another. It doesn’t really matter why – we need to find a way to remove them from the image and keep it as intact as possible.

So how do you do it? well, sometimes you can simply crop the image and it looks good enough but in many other cases you are left with poor composition or worse – a hand on a shoulder or something similar which you can’t remove without making a whole mess.

In this episode Nace shows how to remove one person who is touching another directly – maybe one of the most complex scenarios. All this is going to be performed using the Pen tool, the clone stamp tool and the brush tool. The first part is going to be selection – using the pen tool (which we demonstrated in a previous video), the second part is to remove the extra parts – by using the clone stamp. This will not always work and it depends on the background that you have but in the example with an out of focus background it seemed to worked pretty well.

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