How to Share Images From Laptop to Desktop in Lightroom

This video tip by photographer Anthony Morganti demonstrates how to improve your workflow when you are working with both a laptop and at desktop on Lightroom.

On this video Morganti demonstrates how to work with images on one computer (say a laptop) and then take them with you to continue working with them on a different machine (say your primary desktop). He uses a thumb drive to transfer the files but you can use dropbox or any other cloud service  as well if you don’t want to transfer files to anything physically (as long as you have enough space).

Recently Adobe introduced its new Photoshop CC 2014 v.2 with the option to sync to the cloud (libraries) currently, at least as far as we know, there is no such option with Lightroom although this might be extremely useful and we hope Adobe will consider this for future releases.

We have been covering Morganti’s quick tip series of videos for lightroom users including his previous video “Lightroom Quick Tip – Changing Background Color Easily“ and “Lightroom Quick Tip – How to Quickly Remove Distractions from Lightroom“.

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