How to Match the Exposure Across Photos In Lightroom 5

On this video tutorial, photographer Terry White show how to match exposures across your images in Lightroom.

This video deals with what you might call a hidden gem buried deep inside Lightroom 5 that allows you to match the Tonal Exposure from one shot to multiple shots in your library – useful but you really need to know how to find it.

This feature is very useful whenever you have a series of images where you maybe changed the exposure at one point and you want to apply the new exposure to the older (or just other) images. So how do you do it? well, it is pretty simple actually – you need to choose the image that will be your reference (the key image) and than the ones that will receive the new exposure (the order of this is critical – see the video and take a look at how this looks), than you have to go to the: photo menu>develop settings>match tonal exposures.

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Iddo Genuth
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