How To Move Your Lightroom Photos To Another Hard Drive

On this video, photographer Terry White demonstrates two methods for moving your photos to another hard drive/NAS using Adobe Lightroom 5.

The first method (White think of it as less than ideal) is moving the images outside Lightroom (using your computer’s OS) and then get back into Lightroom and reconnect the images to their new location. While you can do this – it might take more time and require extra steps. The much simpler way of doing this will be to let Lightroom itself move the files and White demonstrates how you can do this using a new drive which Lightroom did not know by creating a new folder there and dragging and dropping the relevant image folder into this drive. No need to re-connect anything.

White also recommends that whenever you are working with laptops and/or external hard drives consider doing smart previews to your images so that you can continue your work even when the original images are not available to you at any given time.

White already touched on this topic briefly on a previous video along with a few other useful tips for working with Lightroom catalogs on his video “5 Things You Need To Know about Lightroom 5 Catalogs”.

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