Noiseless Pro Software Review

On this quick video review, retouch and Photoshop expert Howard Pinsky takes a look at Macphun Software new noise reduction program – Noiseless Pro to see if it lives up to the expectation of removing noise while still maintaining a good detail level with a click of a bottom.

Noise is something that every digital photographer is familiar with, especially when shooting in low light situations, but it can also occur when ranking the ISO way up during daytime shooting (for example when trying to shoot at very fast shutter speeds).

Removing noise is not a problem – every camera these days can remove more or less every trace of noise from your images if you tell it to do so. The problem has always been – what will be left from your image after you remove the noise. What you need to understand is that in order to remove noise the camera (or a software if you decide to remove the noise in post production), you need a special algorithm. This algorithm tries to separate the noise from the actual detail of your image and to some degree reconstruct some of the missing pieces the noise in your image destroyed.

It is up to each algorithm to process your image and to come up with a cleaner look – one which (supposedly) not degrade the detail level of your image too much.

Noiseless Pro – before and after


Now that you understand the challenge, you can take a look at the results that Noiseless Pro (and the more simple Noiseless) software achieve and as you can see those are pretty good although you do see some degradation of details (this isn’t magic…).

So should you get it? it is hard to answer – if you are shooting a lot of images that need to go through noise reduction and you don’t have Photoshop or Lightroom or don’t care to mess with them from some reason – than the answer might be yes. One thing to keep in mind – this software seems to be only available for Mac users (OS X 10.8 and above).

As for pricing, Noiseless Pro is currently in pre-order and should be available very soon with a price of just under $40 (one time purchase) and the more basic Noiseless is going to cost you just under $18 (you can pre-order from here).

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