Photoshop in 30 sec – Increase Contrast and Quickly Create New Layer

On these two very short videos portrait photographer Nathaniel Dodson (from the website tutvid) demonstrates how to add a new layer extremely quickly and add contrast to an image in a very simple way in Photoshop.

Most of the time we bring you in-depth videos on how to perform advanced retouches or some type of technique to improve the look of your image. These two videos are very simple and basic but they can save you time on things that you tend to do often.

The first video – above – is really as simple as they come – when you press CTRL+SHIFT+n in Photoshop to add a new layer you get this annoying box – if you just want a normal blank layer use CTRL+ ALT+ SHIFT+N (CMD+SHIFT+OPT+n on Mac) – no annoying box – simple.

The second very has just a bit more substance – to add contrast to your image – duplicate your image layer (CMD/CTRL+J) and choose the blend mode “soft light” and reduce the opacity of the layer until you reach the look that you want – super quick.

How to add contrast in a super simple way in Photsaohop



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