Photoshop Tips & Tricks for Videographers

NAB 2017 is behind us but we still have many interesting things to share from the show. This time around we have a lecture which will give you some interesting and potentially useful tips and tricks if you are a videographer when working with Photoshop (yes this isn’t a mistake).

This might sound strange but on this video from NAB Rich Harrington of RHED Pixel want to convince you that if you are a videographer there can be some useful tips and tricks for you in Photoshop that can actually help your video workflow.

Harrington starts with Adobe Bridge (yes the older version sucks but Adobe did try and improve it somewhat recently). He explains how Bridge can help in organizing when working with several Adobe software.

One interesting thing that Harrington shows is how you can play with colors in Adobe Camera RAW using the histogram and the images without changing anything in the sliders – which is really useful if you never tried it. He also demonstrates how you can easily go back and forth between Photoshop and Premiere Pro with a click of a button.

One cool thing Harrington shows is how to create a LUT in Photoshop and apply it in Premiere and play with its properties. One of the final things Harrington shows is how to do lens correction for a video in Photoshop – pretty useful and you can do this both automatically and do some further corrections manually.

Rich Harrington is a frequent guest here on LensVid with many videos on different topics in photography, videography and editing – you can find some of them – here.

You can find many more Photoshop video tutorials on LensVid’s Photoshop section and also check out our NAB 2017 coverage – here.

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