Quick Ways to Brighten Up Dark Images in Photoshop

On this video photoshop expert Howard Pinsky demonstrates several ways to brighten up a dark image in Photoshop.

How many times did you shoot an image just to find out that the skies might be exposed but the ground is completely dark? the reason is that the dynamic range in the image is simply too big – however in post you can (in many cases) salvage a lot of the information by working in Camera RAW (that is if you shot in RAW and have the RAW file – p.s. always shoot in RAW).

But what if you didn’t shoot in RAW or you used a mobile device which has no RAW? well, if you are working in Photoshop CC you are in luck – you can use the Camera RAW filter (its not a effective – it does not have the RAW data – but its better than nothing). What happen if you don’t have a RAW file or Photoshop CC – well even in this case there are a few things that you can do – the result is less than perfect but its still much better than the original image as Pinsky shows in the end of the video.

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