Removing Wrinkles in Photoshop in Under 1 Minute

On this video photoshop expert Howard Pinsky demonstrates how to remove wrinkles in less than 60 seconds using Photoshop.

The spot healing brush is a great tool for quickly removing wrinkles. Just add a new layer in Photoshop (make sure that “sample all layers” and “content aware” is selected), set the hardness of your brush to about 25% and the spacing to 2%.Start painting on top of the wrinkles starting with the larger ones and move into the smaller ones.Smaller strokes will help you get a better result.

We always suggest that you will not over do this type of thing as people expect to see some wrinkles and a too smooth face will typically not be perceived as realistic.

We have looked at some more advanced methods for removing wrinkles in Photoshop on Aaron Nace’s video entitled simply :”How to Remove Wrinkles in Photoshop“.

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