How to Repair Old Photos in Photoshop

On this video, Photoshop expert Howard Pinsky shows how to fix an old image in Photoshop in a non destructive way.

Pinsky recently got a question from a reader asking him to fix an old image in a rather poor state. Instead of fixing it he actually shows us all the steps (and tools) that can help all of us do the same thing ourselves. Now with this type of work, depending on the condition of the original image, this might very well take quite a bit of time – so keep that in mind.

On the upside – the work is actually not that complicated and Photoshop offers some pretty useful tools including the spot healing brush and the spot healing brush. If you want to fix a stain adding a black and white adjustment layer might be an option (it was for the image Pinsky was working on – but it won’t work in any situation).

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