How to Use Clipping Indicators in Lightroom

This quick video tip by photographer Anthony Morganti look at clipping indicators in Lightroom – how to turn them on and off and why do you need them.

Ever got those strage looking blue or red looking aread in your images when using Lightroom (or Camera RAW)? these are not there for no reason – they are called clipping indicators and if you don’t know what they do there is a good chance that you turned them on by mistake.

However as Morganti explains – they actually have a very good use – they allows you to see areas in your image where the dark is so dark it contains no more details and so those the white (dark will be marked in blue and white in red). Morganti also demonstrates how you can use this information to your advantage – again this will work in both Lightroom and Camera RAW in Photoshop.

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