Plug-ins – Get More out of Photoshop

On this video Photoshop senior product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes talks about a subject which is very important to Photoshop but is typically not discussed by Adobe itself a lot – 3’ed part plugins.

There are plugins for creating different types of complex filters, patterns, tonal correction, renaming layers, enlargements, HDR, reduce noise, retouching and much much more.

Many plugins are free and others typically have free trials which let you try before you actually buy them. Some have standalone capabilities and others are parts of Photoshop.

In the video Hughes mentioned that there are many lists of plugins for Photoshop and he even mentions one in particular which includes 43 different plugins which you can find on this link.

You can find many more Photoshop video tutorials on LensVid’s Photoshop section.

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