How to Whiten Eyes Naturally in Photoshop

On this video tutorial, image editing specialist Michael Woloszynowicz (from vibrantshot) takes a look at how to whiten an eye in a realistic way using Photoshop.

This is a very common problem – you are shooting a model with makeup which reflects into the white of the eye making it less attractive. So how do you fix this? The first step is selecting just the white of the eyes and than we move to eliminate the color cast (blue in this case).

To do this we add an adjustment layer with a selective color and target the neutral colors (make sure your info panel is open). In this case Woloszynowicz reduces the cyans a bit and fix the magenta. This is a delicate process and it requires a bit of understanding of color but if you do feel comfortable with it the results can be very good.

Bonus video – doing the same thing with Phase One Capture One Pro



We have looked at retouching eyes many times in the past here on LensVid including “Retouching Eyes in Photoshop: Color, Brighten and Sharpen” and “How to Change Eye Color with Photoshop” by  Aaron Nace from Phlearn, photographer’s Michael Woloszynowicz “How To Brighten Eyes in Photoshop” and Photoshop senior product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes video on “How to Brighten Eyes in B&W Photos Using Photoshop“.

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