Understanding and Using Polarizing filters

Polarizers are useful tools for many outdoor situations. Photographer Mark Ryan Sallee (from Michromatic) created this useful entry level video tutorial on Polarizing filters – what they are and how to use the.

Polarizers can be very helpful – you can increase the contrast of the skies with them without effecting your dark areas too much on a sunny day with blue skies, you can use them to show the colors of trees and other plants better and if you are trying to shoot through water without getting surface reflections – polarizers are the way to go (although for shooting through glass).

This video goes through the basics of using a polarizer, what they are, how to they work, what are they good for and which ones to buy (or not buy).

We have looked at different advantages of using polarized filters in the past including “How To Use A Polarizing Filter” by Steve Perry,  “How to Best Shoot Under a Mid-Day Sun” with photographer Bryan Peterson, “Tips for Shooting Through Windows  On this video photog” with Gavin Hoey and “Photographing Waterfalls” Sarah Howard.

You can find many more helpful photography tips on our Photography tips section here on and  LensVid.

VIA: Petapixel.

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